The biggest online shopping day of the week is coming online

To date, the biggest online shopping day of the year with the message “New Home Better Life” is about to take place in December. This is a great event that many people are looking forward to, with great shopping opportunities. Consumers also have the opportunity to participate in many big events off the program with a lot of attractive gifts.

Online Friday Online shopping festival is considered as the largest e-commerce event held annually by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Shopping Festival is organized to create the habit of shopping online for consumers as well as become smart consumers when buying online. At the same time, Online Friday encourages high-quality and prestige shopping, and card payments, not using cash, are becoming more popular and popular.

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The discounted online Friday is Friday, December 1, 2017, do not miss it

Following the success of the online shopping festival Online Friday, this year’s shopping festival with the message “New Home Better Life,” better life will take place in early December directly on the page. web As usual with the participation of many businesses as well as prestigious brands with thousands of different items in all areas to help consumers choose and buy their quality products. Cheaper than the market.

Not only have there been a 24-hour period for consumers to hunt down discounted goods, but with Online Friday, consumers also have the opportunity to participate in Big Off events organized by the program. This can be considered as the largest online shopping and e-commerce event of 2017.

With the participation of hundreds of brands, consumers are a little worried because there are many cases of quality goods, especially virtual prices, virtual sales through online purchases. According to Deputy Director of E-commerce Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade, said that the Department will use technology to control the quality and price of products. Specifically, there will be tools to scan, filtering tools such as to ensure the price of the product is genuine. The application of price comparison websites, market price filtering such as in the product to help users see the promotion of the product is the real promotion or virtual promotion as soon as the user to see the product on the website. In addition, the Department also has a team to control the product information from the beginning, when the enterprise launched the goods.

Many shocking promotional products like iPhone, electric car, air conditioner, cooker kit …

Join the online shopping festival Friday, consumers can completely rest assured shopping with quality products and shock prices. In addition to the online shopping experience, you also have the opportunity to receive promotional offers along with the gift through attractive activities such as lucky spin or sweep sweeps, auction products. You also have the opportunity to enjoy many arts programs or also with the community activities extremely meaningful given by the organizers.

Online shopping as well as big events at Online Friday this year is very much expected especially the organizers, this is also an opportunity to help businesses more engage with consumers, also It’s like creating the best shopping habits for a user. Online Friday’s annual online shopping events not only help collect revenue for businesses, but also help stimulate sales and support for brands or businesses with the opportunity to promote their brands. I know users through quality products at the best price.

Online Friday, 2017 will be more shock products, even have products sold for 0 yuan, such as iPhone 5 price of 5 million, air conditioning Nagakawa price of 1 million, the same series of pots, warm Water heater, electric car cost 0 dong.

What to wait, quickly grab the opportunity to own yourself bargains at extremely favorable prices nhé!

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