How much money do you earn as a designer?

Designer? It sounds a bit dreadful! Essentially, designers are the ones who are capable of creating amazing visual arts, especially in the field of graphics. If that’s the point, then maybe we have not reached the designer label, and there must be many designers too!

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However, as is often the case, we simply understand that people who regularly use graphics software to create visual language work are considered Designer, do not know. Know he is a good Designer or a mediocre Designer. If you want to become a designer and want to live the life of this profession, are you curious about the level of income that it can bring?

I have a lot of time to write blogs to share with you. In the framework of a shared blog should also share the heart, the text may be a bit fierce and bold speech, please understand!

The charm with the profession

Do anything also need “grace”, do not have grace, doing anything is difficult. I tell you the story of the process of learning and doing your work, so you know how to pursue the charm of the job like.

2009: Starting point, I was a student in C-class, graduated from high school with how many wishes, how many plans and enthusiasm. A group of enthusiasts dreamed of becoming an architect and he was determined to go to the Faculty of Architecture at the Hanoi University of Civil Engineering when he did not know any drawing technique or V block.

August 2009: Dream is just a dream, Hanoi University of Engineering for him to “slip straight”, he submitted the application of aspirations 2 to Da Nang Architecture University.

In 2010: After more than one year studying architecture of Danang University of Architecture, he had been enrolled in 5 subjects and forced to study 4 subjects again. He submitted the examination documents Da Nang Foreign Language University.

August 2010: He won the Danang Foreign Language University and packed school books. He is buried in the Faculty of International Studies – Danang Foreign Language University. After 4 years studying foreign languages, fortunately he did not have to study again, but also do not speak English words for the soul.

April 2014: graduated from Danang Foreign Language University

March 2015: Graphic Design Courses at Arena Multimedia.

Thus, in him there are some majors have learned that no specialty is soulful. He just loves to draw, he likes to go out and get a computer, like graphic software, … He loves graphic design, and he’s determined to follow it! Design is his charm!

Study design

I have graduated formal University – Danang Foreign Language University, I do not have much time and money to be able to participate in a professional training in graphics at any university. Therefore, I applied for graphic design at Arena Multimedia with tuition fee of 16.000.000d / term. I finished my 1st run of slippers because I could not afford to pursue anymore!

Learn graphic design

Subjective comments: Arena Multimedia has a very good teaching approach to develop a designer’s thinking, teaching depth in design thinking, and tends to train students to become a freelancer rather than a designer. of a company.

Besides learning at the center, I also spent nearly 01 months to google download the beautiful banner to remake them (free) to practice skills and graphics tools at home.

Study design

After half a semester of design studies at the center, I officially dropped out of the University of Foreign Language at home and began to design the beauty at some advertising companies, gifts and printing … 10 seats The result is that the whole year of continuous job hopping from one company to another, has never been a consistent and consistent place.

Advertisement company: salary 4,500,000 VND / month (one month postage)

Photo, printing: salary 3,000 VND / month (do 1 week leave)

Company event gifts: salary 3,400,000 VND / month (3 months postponement)

Photo, printing: salary 5.000.000d / month (do 1 week and leave)

Designing – printing company: apprentice salary 750,000 VND / month (2 months postage)

People who pay low wages because they apply for apprenticeship, do not have professional qualifications should accept to do their best to learn experience. At that time, the rent was 1,400,000 VND / month and the salary was 750,000 VND. Hungry whole episode!

Fine job

Graduated from the Arena Multimedia Arena I was in Vietnam Kangaroo and stable there until now. The work at the company is not so hard and give yourself a very comfortable, friendly and stable working environment. The salary paid by the company is well worth 7 million VND / month.

Income: ~ 7.000.000d / month

Freelancer Design

In addition to stable monthly income, I join the

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